Spiritual Vote, Part III

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Day-18- Sun.6/3/16- it is 7:06 in the morning and feeling more relaxed. First and foremost we would like to share something personal with you this morning. In this case we would like our readers to understand that we are sharing information with you as they unfold. The message related with our Temple in Barranco is unfolding as we speak because you and I are cultivating, you and I are now participating one way or another.

The outcome of our participation will reveal itself to us on the date already mentioned. You and I are now on a journey and we are looking forward to a day that was already set aside.

The Temple that Jesus speaks about in the New Testament is no different from the one we have in Barranco, Belize today. It is about the way we think that makes a difference.

Day-19- Mon. 7/3/16- It is 5:22 in the morning and getting ready to build a fire for today, it is a ritual that we practice to honor our ancestors like Booker T. and the Trouble Makers. For the most part we have been paying attention to the rain and thunder in the background, it has been two days in a row…

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